Birth Trauma Service

Support through your pregnancy, birth and beyond

Three-Step Rewind Technique for Birth Trauma Recovery 

This is a gentle and effective process that can lift the heavy, unhelpful emotions and anxiety that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, postnatal or feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma. This is helpful to mothers, fathers and birth partners alike. The aim is to free you of any negative thoughts and feelings, and help you to experience peace of mind without any fear or anxiety being triggered on a daily basis.

It is easy to learn and naturally activates a person’s own ability to heal themselves.

The simple but effective steps move someone through their past traumatic experience, through to understanding it’s current impact on their day to day life, before looking ahead to a future that they desire. 


The three steps help to guide you toward your own natural healing state. The process includes the following steps: 

Session One: 

Step One (90 minutes)
> Hearing your story one last time (should you wish to tell it) without judgement and understanding how what happened then still continues to affect you day to day now.
> Beginning to understand the changes you would like to experience if you were free from those feelings and symptoms. What would life be like if you could choose?
> Practicing relaxation as a resource that can lower arousal levels naturally. 

Session Two: 

Step Two (60 minutes)
> Using a process called Rewind to gently guide you back through the memory of what happened in a way that breaks the connections (neural pathways) that are triggering the feelings and symptoms. This part involves deep relaxation so you are not re-triggered by the memory.
> Experiencing your goal state and rehearsing new feelings and ways of responding 

Session Three: 

Step Three (60 minutes)
> Checking back in and rescaling the symptoms
> Strengthening boundaries
> Planning for a better birth next time