Private One-to-One Antenatal Classes

Support through your pregnancy, birth and beyond

Private one-to-one Antenatal Classes 

Your experiences of pregnancy and birth will be unique.  Some parents prefer to have one-to-one classes in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. 

One-to-one antenatal classes often suit clients who feel they don’t need a full antenatal course, who can’t find a course that fits their requirements, or those who find it easier to learn and explore their personal issues in a more private setting. 

  • Bespoke and created to meet your specific needs 
  • Suitable if you are unable to commit to a group facilitated course 
  • Delivered in your own home being convenient and at a time to suit you and the educator. 

A private one-to-one class may be a preferred option if you work unusual hours and are not able to commit to a full antenatal course or for second or subsequent births and would like to refresh yourselves on the birth experience. 


Antenatal topics that can be covered:- 

  • physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth, and how the birthing body works;  
  • signs and stages of labour; 
  • the third stage of labour – delivery of the placenta, delayed cord clamping benefits; 
  • the important role of the birth partner; 
  • effective positions for labour and birthing; 
  • massage techniques to help deepen relaxation;
  • creating your birth preferences and the ideal birthing environment for you and your baby; 
  • exploring natural pain management options, including the use of water and other natural therapies; 
  • understanding the different forms of medical pain relief that are open to you so that you can make an informed decision about what is preferable for you; 
  • what to expect if the pregnancy/ labour and birth does not go quite to plan; 
  • interventions and different types of birth; 
  • welcoming your baby, the first hour and bonding; 

Postnatal topics that can be covered:- 

  • postnatal recovery, what to expect after the birth and in the first few weeks postpartum; 
  • transitioning to becoming a parent; 
  • baby’s transition from womb to world; 
  • normal newborn appearance; 
  • responsive parenting, cues, attachment, baby brain development; 
  • normal infant sleep, cues and cycles, realistic expectations, sleep safety 
  • why babies cry and how to soothe a crying baby; 
  • practical babycare, nappies, bathing, babywearing;  
  • common feelings and emotions after the birth and when to seek support.